How to Cancel, Downgrade or Delete My Account?

You can cancel a subscription, downgrade or delete your account right in your account settings after you sign in. To do that, first sign in to your account here.

Why is it more advantageous to level up my plan instead of canceling it?

Our pricing plans are transparent and have a unique advantage over all existing online resume builders. Let's figure out what it is.

Most services offer low prices for resume downloads, but after a while they start charging much higher fees, switching users to more expensive plans. This leads to the fact that users want to cancel their subscriptions as soon as possible because they consider the new price unacceptable.

Our pricing plans have a completely opposite approach:

  1. First, we never increase the initial price.
  2. Secondly, we significantly reduce the price for users who have chosen plans for a longer term.

That is, the higher the plan you choose, the less it will cost to continue it, and before making a decision about canceling or deleting your account, we advise you to read the prices on our website once more. Most of our users who asked for cancellation have already switched to our plans with the lowest monthly payment and have a lifetime opportunity of unlimited access to our service for a penny price.

Still, want to proceed and give up your account to heaven?

Once you're logged in click on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and click “My Account”. You’ll see two tabs in the header “Profile” and “Account”, click on the “Account” tab. You’ll see a corresponding button at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget that choosing to delete your account is permanent, and will result in the deletion of your information. See the screenshot below.

Are you sure you want to delete your account?

You may choose to keep your settings as is, keep your free account, downgrade your current plan or delete your account.

What happens after I cancel or downgrade my account?

Once you confirm the cancellation, you will have Pro access for the period already paid for. After your paid Pro plan expires, your account automatically becomes free.

You can always log back into to edit or access your resume, use all of our free features like resume sharing, as well as upgrade again at any point in the future.

How do I delete my account for good?

If you'd like to delete your account for good, scroll to the bottom of the “Account” page and click Delete Account. See the screenshot below.

How do I delete my account for good?

Deleting your account is permanent. Once an account is deleted our support team cannot retrieve your resume or cover letter data.

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