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Resume examples & guides for any job

Accounting & Finance

Are you looking for an example resume fit for an accountant? We have some of the best resume examples to help you confirm your qualifications. It is advisable to talk about any positive impacts you have personally made within the business in the accountancy field. Don't forget to include any certificates and licenses you may hold, and use quantitative language and values throughout when describing your professional experience.


If you are an architect, what skills should you highlight in a sample of a good resume? Firstly we recommend starting with your relevant educational credentials that fit your specialization. Be sure to mention any licenses and certificates. that you hold. Don't waste space in the resume with any throwaway adjectives such as 'creative, team player, or stress-resistant', it is better to write concisely about your abilities. How do you present new ideas to the client? Describe your involvement with previous projects and how you worked effectively. This will result in an outstanding resume.

Creative & Cultural Fields

For creative professions, technical skills are confirmed with a portfolio. Your creative resume should highlight universal skills. You can describe achievements and responsibilities in more detail and use less formal language.

Education & Learning

If you are applying for a teaching position, make sure that your chosen example of resume has a focus on your achievements. Give quantitative examples, how many students did you teach? What were the average scores that your classes achieved in any independent tests? Check out some great resume examples from teachers, educators, and methodologists working in a variety of different backgrounds and settings for more ideas.

Engineering & Scientific

Here you'll find some of the most relevant examples of good resumes for engineers and researchers in a variety of different fields. We recommend starting with a strong opening section that highlights your key competencies and technical skills. However, it is a good idea to add soft skills as well. For example, if you have experience coaching or leading a team, it would be an ideal place to mention it as a strong suit.

Food & Service

Here are some success resumes from salespeople, cashiers, and consultants. These examples are useful for both entry and mid-level positions whether you are a beginner or experienced professional. With our samples of professional resumes, you can easily create a resume step by step in next to no time.

Hospitality, Travel & Transportation

It goes without saying that the main focus of any driver's resume should be the license held and experience. Using our resume examples for jobs, highlight your ability to ensure a safe and timely trip. Emphasize your knowledge of local areas and how responsible you are without any bad habits. Learn how to write a resume that is relevant to the main requirements for specific job applications.

Information Technology (IT)

The reverse chronology format is ideal for creating an IT-specialist resume sample and describing your relevant experience. Our resume examples for programmers, developers, system administrators, and analysts are perfectly laid out to help you describe past projects and demonstrate your professional credentials in the best way possible.

Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

Our samples of resumes within the security and lifeguard fields demonstrate a variety of specialized skills suitable for law enforcement or occupational safety inspectors' roles. Articulate how you have enhanced security in any previous jobs. Highlight your knowledge of the law, and the scope of previous companies you have been a part of. Give examples of the skills you have had to apply, be they observational or physical. How have you resolved non-standard situations in the past?


The focus should be on your licenses, certificates, and education, so indicate them immediately after your name and contact details. If you ask: show me an example of a resume. Here it is! Review multiple great resume examples and combine them with your personal previous experience. Add quantitative results and your skills in relevant areas such as research, communication, negotiation, and public speaking.

Maintenance & Repair

With a proper resume example it's much easier to describe your applied skills. Here are some great examples of resumes for plumbing and machine operation alongside other specialist trades such as locksmiths and seamstresses.

Management & Leadership

For managerial roles with responsibility for others you will want to mention a variety of general skills but avoid writing unsubstantiated statements. For a better idea of how to do this well; read a variety of our resume samples written by experienced professionals. A professional work experience resume template is the best way to make a good first impression.

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Here you will find some very effective resume examples for applying within the fields of logistic management, inventory handling, and freight driving.

Medicine, Healthcare & Wellbeing

The health sector has many vacancies, but the job requirements for candidates are high. Examine plenty of resume examples to learn how to stand out among the candidates. If you work within the fitness industry in a role such as a personal trainer or similar then make sure you highlight the victories that clients have had in competitive situations or with personal fitness goals. Explain what it is you have that gives you the ability to motivate others. What is your method? List any certificates you have and relevant education. Credentials are mandatory for a medical worker. A strong key competencies section and the use of specific quantitative facts will add weight to your resume.

Office & Administrative

To be considered a top candidate for an office position you need to describe your duties in a better way than 'responsible for …'. Try looking at a professional resume example for HR Management to find out exactly how.

Real Estate

Learn how to professionally quantify your achievements by looking at our selection of realtor, broker and real estate expert resumes, examples demonstrate this well. It is important to indicate how much money you have brought/invested/saved for the company. Among the general skills, highlight the ability to approach each client. Remember to replace all clichés within your resume sentences with strong words to distinguish yourself among the other candidates.

Customer Service & Support

Our sample resumes written by call center operators are suitable for those at the start of their career paths. When you write your summary section for jobs in this category it is appropriate to highlight your knowledge of languages, alongside general skills. Mention your ability to work in a fast-paced/ stressful environment. Check our excellent resume samples for a better idea of the industry requirements expected from customer service professionals.

Sales & Marketing

The resume of marketing professionals should contain specific portfolio examples that help to confirm your expertise. Try looking at some of these outstanding resume examples for advertising managers, marketers, copywriters, and PR managers. They each demonstrate how to get an employer's attention.


Looking for resume examples with no job experience? Or a sample resume for a student? Whether it is a zero-experience, fresh grad CV, or even a business owner resume example that you are after, this category is just for you.

Examples of resumes from SweetCV

A successful resume is the first step to employment. A well-written resume can immediately get some people an interview. Others are less fortunate and their seemingly perfect resumes are left without any feedback. In order to facilitate the process and assist you in writing a high-quality, professional resume, we have created a library of resume samples for just about any job.

Why our sample resumes?

All resume examples of SweetCV are created by people who are constantly looking for staff: HR managers, company directors, and career consultants have all contributed.

Each resume sample has been expertly designed to reflect your industry's best practices whilst serving as a guide to take you through all aspects of resume writing, from the design and layout itself to the content details. And best of all — every resume template and sample is completely free!

Ready-made samples of resumes

Whatever model you require, be it for a beginner or an accomplished professional, you will find new ideas in our professional resume samples library.

Students and beginners will find sample resumes for their first job. Learn how to design an education section, describe university projects and highlight your achievements.

Experienced candidates will understand how best to describe their 'applied' work experience through key achievements, facts, and figures. This will help attract the attention of employers. We also offer many IT resume examples in English to help you write a resume for a job in an international company or within the IT sector.

How to use SweetCV examples

Our resume examples are divided into 20 categories. You can use any of them as the basis of your resume in the SweetCV online builder immediately after registration. You simply click "Edit this resume" and you will receive a resume form, which you can download in PDF format in our online resume maker.

How to edit SweetCV resume examples

As you study the resume examples, make a note of what you like about each sample. Pay attention to keywords that are used to attract the recruiter's attention.

You will notice there are three key points to consider when it comes to creating a quality resume with examples:

  • What needs to be highlighted?
  • How to describe the relevant experience clearly and informatively in an appropriate tone for the field?
  • What skills do you need to develop to further your career?

What exactly to highlight in the resume for each specific position boils down to reading directly from the job description and the company description. But for each industry, there are a variety of relevant qualifications and certificates that will be appreciated to include. To understand the requirements of your field of work — analyze the resumes of professionals in the relevant categories.

Describing your work experience requires considerable effort. The focus should be on your achievements, and any statement you make should be supported by facts. The language that you use should be strong and relevant to your role. Pay attention to the words used and style of delivery in our library of ready-made resumes.

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In particular, pay attention to the choice of keywords to describe the work experience used in the samples, so that you don't make the mistake of using filler adjectives.

Another advantage of using our resume examples is that you will likely identify skills that you do not have and that you need to develop. This may be new software that you aren't trained in but other candidates are. Or personal qualities that you need to develop, for example, for the role of leader. This gives you an insight into why your CV might be being overlooked and something to work on to be more successful in the future.

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Writing a resume is no easy task. But, you can save time and energy just by looking at examples of resumes of other professionals! The writing process will be easier and inspiration will come faster, and you will need the saved energy at the interview. ✋

Frequently asked questions about resumes and samples

  • Can I use your resume samples to create my own resume?
    Sure! To make it even easier you can click the “Edit this Resume” button on any sample and after signing up the sample will be ready to edit and customize under your personal account.
  • Can I download a blank resume form or a resume example?
    We offer something better. You can create an outstanding resume with our SweetCV online builder and download it in PDF format. What's more, your resumes will always be available for editing online, even from your mobile. You can select any generic resume from the library to use as a basis for your own. You can also copy your previous resumes and change the templates and layouts in minutes!
  • Where do you find resume examples when you have no experience?
    Among our examples of a resume are many different experience levels. Check out several options to find sample resumes that are suitable for students, graduates, and beginners with no work experience. If you do not see anything that suits you, then you can create a new resume in our online builder. You will receive a fresh resume form when creating a new document, with tips and suggestions every step of the way on how to fill it out.