3D Artist Resume Sample, Stylish CV Template for 3D Designers

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3D Artist Resume Example & 3D Designer Stylish CV Template
Helen Paint
3D Artist

Extremely professional 3D Artist focused on creating visual assets for animation, mobile games, mixed reality, and interactive media. 5+ years of experience working in groups, working with directors, programmers, and other artists, in an agile environment, contributing to art direction, technical direction, and the problem solving of 3D pipelines and new media


Unity Certified 3D Artist


Autodesk Certified Professional


Adobe Certificate Associate



3D Artist

Apr 2018PresentTX
  • Game design
  • Mobile / Social VR applications
  • 3D Character modeling
  • VR Animated Short

3D Artist

Sep 2017Apr 2018TX
  • Photorealistic architectural elevation renderings
  • Virtual panoramic tours using texturing, lighting, modeling and animating
  • Cutting edge AR Advertising Campaigns
  • HTML/CSS markup

Animator & Graphic Designer

Root House Studio
Jan 2017Aug 2017TX

Motion graphics / animation and graphic design

Junior 3D Artist

Rosemark Development Group
Sep 2016Jan 2017TX

Photorealistic 3D renderings for real estate marketing purposes


Master's Degree in Art and Technology

University of Texas
Feb 2015Nov 2016

Bachelor's Degree in Art and Technology

University of Texas
Jan 2010Dec 2014

3D Artist Resume: Tips and Tricks

Wondering what do you need on resume for 3D artist? Worry no more because we’ve got the answers.

We’re going to give you the full lowdown on writing a resume objective or a summary statement, some helpful tips to create a 3D artist resume cover letter, and insider help to make the best 3D artist resume without spending hours at your computer.

Let’s jump right in with resume examples for you to emulate.

How to write an opening statement on resume for 3D artist

3D artists work in loads of different sectors from gaming to architecture and loads in between.

As a hypothetical, imagine you’re specialised in creating new environments for a video game and need to write a 3D environment artist resume.

If you have little or no experience, it’s better to start off with a resume objective.

3D artist with no experience resume objective

Your resume objective is there to demonstrate passion, show your relevant experience like college units or internships, and let your future employer understand your motivation to be in their industry and add value to their team.

We’ve got an example of a great 3D game artist student resume objective:

A creative 3D environment artist looking to gain knowledge and harness my skills with Tower Architects Inc. Working to earn my Adobe Certification. During a 4-week Unreal Engine 4 workshop on creating 3D real-time environments which included a final project for assessment, I vastly improved my working knowledge and speed of production. Eager to use my technical and creative skills to develop concepts for your clients that help close deals.

What’s so great about this 3D artist resume objective?

You can see there are strong professional skills, it covers the current professional development they’re working on, and shows how passionate they are about what they do.

3D artist resume summary statement

To write a summary statement for a 3D artist resume, you’ll create something broadly similar to the resume objective we just looked at.

What’s different is the experience you discuss.

A resume summary is for someone with lots of experience to bring to the table.

It serves the same purpose, in that you want to show your skills, but you also want to be clear that your experience will make you perfect for the role.

To help you see how it works, we’ve got another example — this time for a professional summary for a 3D character artist resume:

An 3D character artist with 6 years industry experience, aiming to use my skills and knowledge as a lead character artist at High Valley Studios Ltd. With detailed experience using both Maya and the Adobe suite of tools, plus Zbrush and MudBox 3D sculpting skills, I bring a wealth of creativity to my next employer. Previously, I worked to develop a cast of 20 characters alongside an art team’s concept artist, technical artist, and animator. The game won a Propeller Award for independent games. Looking for fresh challenges at Hill Valley Studios.

What do you reckon?

We think that this 3D artist resume profile has everything; the person’s achievements, qualifications, and industry-specific skills and knowledge.

From just these few sentences, a recruiter can tell exactly what they’re getting with this candidate.

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3D artist creative resume work experience section

Now we turn to the 3D VFX artist resume 1 year experience work section. Let’s kick off with an example.

3D VFX artist
Brainscene Artists Ltd.
  • Ideated 5 prototypes for a range of VFX clients.
  • Developed 3 animated characters for company YouTube channel in compliance with brand style and standards.
  • Collaborated on project for visual effects for client’s Snapchat products, boosting engagement by more than 40%.
  • Featured in 2020 Diversity in the Arts Calendar Chicago.

This has some great professional highlights, rather than the mundane day-to-day tasks they completed. Everything is backed with numbers and experience, making everything look razor-sharp on the details.

To be successful as a 3D artist, you need to have work samples in your resume. They don’t need to be animations per se, the design work you’ve done will show the hiring manager what you can do. Include your portfolio in PDF or include a link to an online version.

Resume advice for 3D artist: skills section

A common question is, "As a 3D artist should you include skills into your resume?"

We say that you definitely should.

To make a truly successful 3D artist resume, you need to be sure to include both your technological, work-related skills, plus skills that show off your creativity.

The essential thing to remember is; include your hard and soft skills.

Some 3D artist resume skills you probably already have that you should include are:

3D artist soft skills3D artist hard skills
Creating presentations that show your design skillsAbility to work with common 3D software like ZBrush, LightWave 3D, Maya, etc.
Collaboration with the different teams in creative processesWorking with texturing and UV mapping
Time management means you can hit your deadlinesPhysically-based rendering (PBR) and shading
Ideating fresh creative ideas for your workWorking skills in Adobe tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere

How exactly would you craft a skills section for your 3D game artist resume:

Key Skills
  • Used 3D Max, ZBrush, and Adobe tools to conceptualize, and see through to production 5 characters for Game of Kings.
  • Detailed collaboration with 2 animators and a technical artist to create core visuals, delivering one week ahead of project deadline.
  • In conjunction with the story lead, overcame technical problems with the environmental layout of the game in production.

Certified by Unity in 2019
Having problem-solving skills is something recruiters will look for, so be sure to include them. Include real-world examples and you’ll be on the creative team of your dreams in no time.

Cover letter example 3D artist resume

When working through your resume bullet points for 3D artist, the cover letter is an important one to work on.

Think of your cover letter like an overview or summary of your resume that’s specifically written for the job you’re applying for.

Target it specifically at the company and your chances of getting hired will increase dramatically.

Let’s check out creative 3D artist resume cover letter example:

As a skilled and creative 3D character artist, I bring a wealth of experience in my application to Hill Valley Studios Ltd. My certifications with Unity and Adobe along with my ability to apply my knowledge make me ideal for the role of lead character artist at your studio. I have a range of experience in creating and delivering characters and landscapes for gaming.
In my previous role at MakeItLit Art, I led a team of artists and technicians to take a cast of 20 characters from conception to implementation within the client’s game. To do this, I did detailed work in Maya, AfterEffects, and Flash bringing the characters to life. The work included character models, textures, and bespoke movements.
I have deep knowledge of landscape texturisation, specifically using UV maps in Photoshop. My expertise will transfer well and bring great value to you at Hill Valley Studios Ltd.

This cover letter to use alongside your 3D artist resume template gives a brief, targeted summary of everything that will be in the resume.

It refers to the skills listed in the job listing, provides details about everything that’s relevant, and explains about their important skills and certifications.

You can download your 3D artist resume pdf following a quick and easy registration with our website.

There, you’ll find a ready-to-go layout resume — you just need to populate it with your skills and experience and start the application process for the job you’ve always wanted!
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