Art Teacher Resume Sample. CV Template for Art Educators

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Art Teacher Resume Example & Art Educator CV Template

Highly skilled fine art educator and adept in curriculum development. Expert in drawing, painting, aesthetics and art appreciation. Possessing a strong commitment to the development of students while providing an engaging, safe and supportive learning environment. Dynamic, team player with a proven track record in collaborating with the school community, maintaining excellence in education and creating safe, inclusive spaces


Art Teacher / Grades 1-5

American Creative Academy

Pittsburgh, PA
  • Developed an engaging and creative curriculum, which fostered a classroom environment conducive to learning while promoting excellent student/teacher interaction consisting of consistent, authentic feedback
  • Developed and implemented various thematic lesson plans utilizing age-appropriate and relevant material
  • Organized and implemented effective strategies and monitor student achievement

Art Teacher / Grades K-8

William Levering Elementary

Forest Hills, PA
  • Designed and presented exciting lessons that actively engage learners while educating on proper artistic methodologies and various artistic media
  • Supervised the portfolio building process for eighth-grade students preparing for entrance into secondary school art programs
  • Directed planning and supervision of a school mural
  • Participated in student community art projects


Master of Education / Art Education

Arcadia University

Jan 2012Jul 2015

Bachelor of Fine Arts / Graphic Design

Parsons School of Design

Feb 2008Dec 20012


K-12 Art Education

State of Pennsylvania

Art Teacher's Resume Tips and Tricks

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world," so said Albert Einstein, and can you find fault with it?

With that thought, imagine you could create an art teacher resume so amazing that the recruiter will sit up and pay attention.

Like the moment you discovered your favorite artist.

As an art teacher, you might work with pottery or photography, clay modeling or make-up, unleashing creativity, or constraining new media, our complete guide to getting your resume polished will help you land the art teacher job you always wanted.

Let’s answer your burning questions, like:

  • What should be on an art teacher resume?
  • How to list art skills on resume for art teacher job?
  • How to write a resume summary for art teacher?

And back them up with art teacher resume examples!

Write art teacher resume objective or summary as a self-portrait

Going for an art teacher job, you either need to include a summary of your professional skills or add a resume objective right at the top.

Think of your summary or resume objectives for teacher of art like your self-portrait.

Using this short, 3 or 4 line paragraph shows the principal where you’ve come from, how good an educator you are, your experience with art, and what you want to get out of teaching.

Let’s check out an objective you might find on a beginning teacher resume:

A digital art teacher with 1-year experience and proficient in the Adobe Suite of creative tools. Seeking a role as an elementary art teacher at Bluebank Academy. Previously, I coordinated two end-of-semester art shows including online galleries, and initiated a Graphics Club after-school program. Volunteered at Davies Library running Photoshop classes for three summers. Aiming to provide active, modern learning to developing students at Hargreaves School.

Got experience and need to know how to write a resume summary for art teacher?

We’ve got a great example of the type of summary to write for a high school teacher resume:

MICA graduate in art and education with three years teaching media arts at Belvedere Institute, Annapolis. Voted “Teacher of the Year” by parents in 2019 and instituted Digital Arts Club as my designated extracurricular program. Leveraging 800+ hours of teaching time and a 97% pass rate to become Halewood Academy’s new art teacher.

You may be looking at online art teaching jobs wanting to apply for private school art teacher jobs; either way, be sure your opening paragraph matches the art teacher job description in the advert.

Go through it in detail and use power words to convey action rather than pack it with teacher resume buzzwords.

Add teacher resume skills

A common question from teachers is how to list art skills on resume for art teacher job?

First, we should know what skills apply to an art teacher!

We’ve put together this list of important skills of a teacher resume for arts-based jobs:

Soft Skills for Art Tutor JobsHard Skills for Art Tutor Jobs
Knowledge of artUse of management tools
Can manage a classroomAdobe Suite skills
CreativeGraphic and web design tool knowledge
Trained in special educationLesson and curriculum planning
Strong listenerStock and budget control
EmpathyPresentation creation

Say you want to move from teaching another subject or you’re just starting out in your career.

You don’t want to make a mundane list of skills, like so:

Listener, manages classrooms with 30 kids, art history fan, know how to use Photoshop.

Make your skills section look nice and packed with details.

Check this example of how to list art skills on resume for a new art teacher job:

Key Skills:
  • Took classes in web design and digital media during my degree program
  • Scholar of art history with multiple college credits in the field
  • Certificate in Special Education 2020
  • Special mention in teacher appraisal for classroom management

Clearly, there’s more to art teacher qualifications than what Bob Ross made out!

Be sure that both your hard and soft skills are prominent in your resume.

Want to make sure you include absolutely everything your resume needs? Try out our teacher resume template for free!

List your art teacher achievements for resume correctly

Resume writing for teachers is as easy as grading a test - you follow the formula.

For your work experience section, include the art teacher duties that are most relevant to the job posting and back up all your claims with solid evidence, plus include your awards and accolades. This shows you’re as gifted and talented as your AP students.

This is what you should aim for as an example:

High School Art Teacher
September 2016–June 2020
Belvedere Institute, Annapolis, MD

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities
  • Planned, prepared, and taught courses for students across grades 9-12
  • Instituted a virtual art gallery to showcase new and classic media creations, winning school groups "Classroom Innovator Award 2018"
  • Worked with SaaS companies to provide creative tools at a discount and provide tutorials for students
  • Innovated an art curriculum focused on real-world challenges and engaged with cultural issues
Key Achievements
Pass rate of 97% in 2019 and 2020 for graduating students.

What do you think?

You’ve got numbers, you can see this person’s passion, and it’s clear that they care about what they do.

This is the level you should be aiming for!

No teaching experience yet? Include any volunteer roles or days as a substitute teacher. Read stories to children working in a library; add it in!

Art teacher cover letter tips

The cover letter is like the program at the gallery.

It offers a teaser of what the reader will get in your resume and should make you the standout candidate.

A cover letter and resume are both different media, so be sure you understand the difference before launching into yours.

A great cover letter will read something like this:

I am writing to make an application for the role of High School Arts Teacher at Halewood Academy. During my undergraduate art program, I volunteered with a digital art project to teach teenagers media skills like social media and web design.

My employment after school has included two years substituting in Baltimore school district, building up 120 days of classroom time, and engaging students in modern artworks. My previous role at Belvedere Institute saw me pivot the department to new art media and raise the art pass rate from 92 to 97% over three years. With my passion for making art a relevant subject again, I was awarded “Classroom Innovator 2018”. I want to apply my knowledge of web and digital arts and classroom engagement in the role available at Halewood Academy.

The bulk of the text should be all about why you’re the best candidate for the role at their school on a personal and professional level.

Art Teacher Career Outlook Insights

In the US, the average teacher salary across the board is $39,654/year.

Using employment marketplace data from across the US and Zip Recruiter, we’ve found nine best art teacher quotes salaries that are more than the national average.

StateAnnual salaryMonthly payWeekly payHourly wage
New York$41,713$3,476$802$20.05
South California$40,622$3,385$781$19.53
New Hampshire$40,343$3,362$776$19.40

Washington state comes out on top, with Maryland and Nebraska coming in close silver and bronze positions.

Nebraska tops the national average by a strong 5.8%, with Washington nearly ten percent about the national standard for art teachers.

In most art teacher roles, you can expect to get paid somewhere in the region of $31,000 to $43,500.

What effect does this have on your career?

It means that there are career advancement opportunities ahead and higher salaries when you build your skills, gain experience, and are prepared to change locations.

Our simple resume templates for teachers of art and other subjects are waiting to be explored to help you move on up in your career!
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