Baker Resume Sample, Professional CV Template for Cooks

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Baker Resume Example & Cook Professional CV Template
Seasoned Cook with versatility in all aspects of the culinary arts. Expert in preparing baked goods and recipes from a wide range of cultural cuisine



Sweet Tarts

Aug 2017Present
Newton, MA
  • Extended menu with new bakery items, which increased the number of visitors by 20%
  • Optimized the baking needs estimation, inventories supplies, and the process of keeping records of products made and use
  • Improved visitors rating by supervising and training bakery personnel, including planning, organizing, scheduling and directing work
  • Evaluated the quality of food ingredients and prepared foods


Candidate for Certificate in Patisserie and Baking

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, MA

Apr 2015Jun 2017

Certificate in Culinary Arts

Bunker Hill Community College, MA

Apr 2011May 2013


NEHA Certification


Baking and Pastry Coursework

Concepts of Food Service Industry

Culinary concepts, safety and sanitation, product identification, and cost management. Supervision, staffing, and leadership skills

Hot and Cold Plated Desserts

Instruction in design and presentation of hot, warm, and cold plated desserts. Practice in a variety of techniques using colors and textures to present exquisitely displayed creations

Quick Breads

Production of a variety of breakfast items, including cookies, muffins, Danishes, croissants, puff pastry, pate choux, and quick breads. Practice in techniques central to foaming, creaming, and blending

Cake Decorating

Instruction in designing and decorating a variety of cakes including special event items such as wedding cakes

Yeast Raised Breads

Production of a variety of yeast-raised breads and sweet doughs. Topics include: breads, rolls, specialty breads, hearth breads, laminated dough, dough mixing and fermentation

Advanced Patisserie

Instruction in sugar work and chocolate. Students will create a variety of candies and confections and learn to creatively display items for presentation


Creation of a variety of French pastries including pies, pastries, unfilled cakes, arts, and tortes

Top 5 Professional Baker Resume Tips

Bakers can rake in the dough when they cook up a storm on their resume.

Love being in the kitchen making cakes? Enjoy decorating desserts? You can make it your career if you enjoy a challenge.

Every community needs their daily bread - bakers are irreplaceable.

How to become a professional baker?

What do you need on a cake decorator resume?

Here, we’ll answer these and other common questions like how to get a job at a bakery and how to whip up a pastry chef resume.

Let’s gather the basic ingredients.

Learn what education is needed to become a baker

Your resume education section is important and we’ve gone into detail about it already.

Here is an example of educatioin section for your resume:

Baking and Pastry Management Associate in Science (A.S.)
Valencia College, Orlando, Florida

Now, we’ll drill down into baker resumes.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average annual baker’s salary across all states was $27,700 in 2019, shaking out at $13.32/hr.

Achieving this income doesn’t usually need formal education - experience is more important for tasty cake jobs.

You can get certified by the American Society of Baking (ASB), to beef up your resume for your bakers career.

Having those certifications mentioned will sit well in the section for your qualifications for resume.

Let’s look at that part whilst we’re on the subject.

Write your summary of qualification on resume

Want to be working in a bakery with no experience? You need a baker resume objective.

Applying for a chain like Dunkin Donuts, resume sample objectives look like this:

Passionate and well-trained by Family Bakery in food hygiene and cake decoration, I aim to work with Dunkin Donuts to improve knowledge and mass production skills. Targeting to develop knowledge of the baking industry and seek career progression.

Got a sack of baking experience? Go for a professional summary instead:

Dedicated and creative head baker with 7 year’s experience at The Central, Chicago. Adept at working in high volume kitchen plus artisan and bespoke creations, catering to breakfasts of 100+ covers daily and weddings up to 200 guests. Flair for decoration and an eye for detail, creating more than 30 wedding cakes and managing a team of 4 pastry chefs. Aiming to focus on design and decoration in a specialist cake shop.
Our resume templates library is packed with perfectly crafted resumes including a professional summary template. Sprinkle this special ingredient over a resume to get perfect results every time!

Work on your work experience section

Starting out, use any baking gigs, charity work, or other bread baker jobs that can top up your baker resume.

Organized a cake decorating stall at the school fair? Baked bread with a summer camp class?

Include those!

Check this example:

Pastry Assistant
May 2019 - Sept 2019
Pastry Project, Chicago, IL
  • Weighed and measured ingredients in line with in-house recipes.
  • Cleaned ovens, storage areas, and cooking stations to state standards.
  • Hit daily and weekly production targets, ensuring sufficient storefront supply.
  • Helped reduce waste by 7% by suggesting a new backroom process.

When you’ve got tons of experience, start with the most recent job, and work back to older roles.

Note the duties you did that match the job description; focus on your delicious achievements - numbers and awards look appealing.

Skilled baker resume sample

Head Baker
The Central, Chicago, IL
2014 to present

  • Directed team of 4 in bread preparation for hotel’s daily needs each morning.
  • Managed and maintained stock levels of dry and fresh ingredients, implemented online ordering systems.
  • Designed dessert menus for two hotel restaurants; oversaw their preparation and creation.
  • Instigated afternoon tea menu including ideating cake and sweet combinations, with $2,000 average daily revenue.
  • Overhauled schedules to ensure maximum output with a reduction in costs of 12% over 2 years.
Everything that goes on your pastry resume - experience, awards, successes - should be in line with the baker job description you want to land.

Fill in your baker skills for resume section

The job of a baker is challenging.

Long hours in hot kitchens and dangerous tools, combined with constant innovation and working with a team, combine to make a tough job.

Got these skills needed to be a baker? Collect them on your resume.

Soft and hard skills should both be on there:

Soft bakery skillsHard bakery skills
Dedicated to job
Detail oriented
Refined palate
People skills
Team player
Adept with cooking tools
Cookery science skills
Supply chain control
Business acumen
First aid trained
Accounting basics

Avoid a simple skills list, like this:

Key skills:
Good with details, can work with kitchen tools, know about supply chains, delivery processing.

Shine a light on your baker responsibilities properly:

Entry-level baker key skills
  • Accurately measured and weighed ingredients
  • Applied food hygiene standards in the kitchen
  • Monitored food temperatures and bake times in line with recipe
  • Worked alongside head baker creating new products
  • Completed stock inventories
  • Basic first aid qualified

Use this style for a fresher to baking. It shows you work with details, are creative, and work in a team well, plus it demonstrates your desire to improve.

As an experienced baker, your bakery clerk duties would look like this:

Bakery manager resume key skills
  • Created an afternoon tea menu that generated $2k daily revenue
  • Oversaw 4 junior pastry chefs
  • Introduced new stock control processes to reduce costs
  • Trained to repair and test kitchen tools on 120/140 volts
  • Worked with kitchen team to ensure smooth running of events and hotel kitchens

Looks good, right?

Here, you’ll see creativity, business know-how, time and cost management, and team working.

Now we’ve sieved through the main skills needed to be a baker, we’ll look at the cover letter.

Master a cover letter for entry level baking jobs

Cover letters are like the cherry on top of a perfect resume.

Go through your experience that ties to the role, demonstrate the value you’ll add, and show how passionate you are about cakes!

This is what a good fresher’s baker cover letter could look like:

I am writing to apply for the role of Baker Assistant at The Pastry Project. I have one year of experience as a Baker Finisher, Dunkin Donuts where I prepare, bake,and decorate a range of donuts and pastries in a busy kitchen. I control stock and inventory with responsibility to input weekly orders for ingredients and sundries. My role also involves monitoring hygiene and cleanliness and ensuring the equipment is well maintained. My skills and experience meet all the requirements of your role. I enjoy the process of decoration and am looking for a position to develop my creativity and work within a small team. I would be the perfect addition to your team.

Using power word will set your resume apart from people still using buzzwords. Want to make sure you’re hitting the right note?

Be sure you understand what the difference is between a resume and a CV and get your application through ATS algorithm selection.

Over at the BLS, the employment of bakers is projected to grow 5 percent in the ten years up to 2029, a faster pace than the average job growth.

Whether you’re looking for entry level baking jobs, or are polishing your bakery manager resume, you should have a long career ahead of you.

Good luck!

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