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Barista Resume Sample & Resume Template and Tips
Nick Reddy

Efficient barista with strong interpersonal and communication skills.Handle money, food and diverse customer needs without losing focus or sacrificing service quality. Strong working in customer service, friendly, fun demeanor. Able to quickly learn and master new concepts and skills. Passionate about helping customers and creating satisfying experiences.


  • Coffee expertise
  • Espresso machine operation
  • Customer Service
  • Safe food handling practices
  • Inventory management
  • Credit transactions handling


Associate in Communication Studies

Hudson Valley Community College - New York, NY
January 2018Present

High School Diploma

Bethlehem High School - New York, NY
September 2014June 2017





Le Pain Quotidien
August 2017PresentGarden City, NY
  • Prepared more than 70 drinks per shift with high accuracy and consistently strong customer satisfaction
  • Weighed, ground and packed coffee per customer orders
  • Cleaned equipment, disposed of waste, closed registers and carried out other closing duties
  • Received and accurately processed customer payments
  • Ordered, received and stocked supplies and retail products
  • Developed creative and appealing latte art techniques and instructed coworkers in method
  • Prepared and served hot and cold beverages such as coffee, espresso drinks, blended coffees and teas
  • Greeted guests with a pleasant smile and superior customer service


November 2016July 2017Selden, NY
  • Demonstrated product knowledge of menu items and accurately received orders from customers
  • Received cross-training to perform a variety of roles, which requires excellent multitasking abilities
  • Processed orders over headsets for drive-thru customers within the required time limit
  • Memorized drink recipes and prepare food and beverages to meet customers' requests
  • Performed regular cleaning and sanitizing of machines and utensils to ensure a safe and clean workspace
  • Handled financial transactions including debit, credit, and cash while operating register

Barista Resume Sample and Tips

Working through your Starbucks application? Readying to fire off your barista resume for the coffee shops in town?

Wherever you’re applying to, we’ve got great resume examples to get you the role you’re aiming for.

Barista resume examples: Resume summary or objective?

Resume summary for an experienced barista

Looking at an experienced resume example - someone who’s already been a barista for a couple of years or more - you’ll find a summary of professional skills.

Your resume summary is there so the restaurant or cafe manager can get an overview of your bean-related background.

Throw in some numbers to support your wins and prove you’ve got the talent to work with their brews.

What do you think of this example?

Barista with experience wants to join a new team to develop skills and career. Coffee lover looking to work in a great company.

There’s a few faults here, right?

When you’ve got experience, don’t be afraid to share your career highlights examples.

We’ll show you what we mean with a great professional summary for customer service:

Pleasant and hard-working barista with 3 years experience in fast-paced cafes in Phoenix. Excellent customer skills, knowledgeable about coffee and food pairings, and experienced in inventory control. Worked with 40+ international coffee beans. 100% on-time attendance in the last year. Seeking to use customer service and coffee skills to take on shift supervisor role at Starbucks, central Phoenix.

This time, the recruiter gets a lot more detail about the applicant’s work history, backed up by facts, plus the motivation to do a good job is clearly evident.

Resume objective for no experience barista

As a person looking for a barista role with little or no experience, you’ll need a resume objective. Your objective needs to demonstrate a drive to get a barista job and what you want to achieve in your career.

Try to also include some piece of numbers-based information to give a great impression.

This is an example that’s not listened to our advice:

Social sciences student seeking a part-time role. Likes good coffee and enjoys a good chat with people.

We don’t get any details and it’s not going to pique anyone’s interest, is it?

Let’s flip it and give a positive resume objective example:

Keen and pleasant coffee lover looking to start my work journey as a barista at Starbucks in central Phoenix. Passionate about creating happy and satisfied customers. Worked at Jones Bookstore for two summers including serving coffee at events, upselling coffee to 25% of attendees. Strong communicator who will fit in with the Starbucks ethos.

How is this one an improvement?

It’s targeting at the specific role being applied for and there are solid numbers to back up what’s being said.

Need to whip up a resume quickly? Register and get using our super simple resume builder right away. You get a clear structure and can export it as PDF or DOCX, plus other handy features. It’s quick and easy!

Education section in a food service resume

Roles like a regional manager of a coffee shop chain like Costa might need a college degree, but other than that it’s not necessary to be college-educated to be a barista.

You still need to add your education in the right way to boost your chances of getting the job you want.

Outline the basics of your education, like so:

University of Phoenix (2018–2022)
Social Sciences, Student
  • Current GPA: 3.8
  • Relevant courses: Concepts of Customer Service, International Cuisine, How the Coffee Traded Shaped the World

CSP Barista Skills—Foundation

If you’ve got a barista certification, be sure to include in your education section.

Not sure which ones to go for? Here’s some that you should consider to give your resume a boost:

The Starbucks Global Academy isn’t just about coffee — it has other online classes that cover English communication, personal development, global impacts, and plenty more to include on your resume.

Work experience section: perfect resume examples

Imagine you come across a Starbucks barista job description.

What can you do to present barista skills in a great light and note down all your barista duties in an attention-grabbing way?

Work experience section for an experience barista

Here’s some strong resume examples that you’ll see on an experienced barista resume.

Barista & Cafe Server
November 2017–December 2020
Quaint Coffee, Phoenix, AZ

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities
  • Delighted customers with coffee serving suggestions and food pairings, anticipating needs and uplifting sales.
  • Maintained coffee machine and back of house areas to meet state food safety standards.
  • Took and prepared food and beverage orders, kept front of house ready to welcome customers, and monitored stock levels for efficient service.
  • Offered detailed advice and guidance on coffee flavor profiles and dietary restrictions.
Key Achievements
100% on-time attendance in the last 12 months.

Work experience section for no experience barista

You can still include employment history without direct barista experience, here’s some career highlights examples:

Sales Assistant and Server
August 2010–October 2020
Jones Bookstore, Phoenix, AZ

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities
  • Offered advice on purchases and support in selecting books suitable to the customer.
  • Served coffee and tea to customers during reading events and book clubs.
  • Prepared coffee using the Breville Barista Express coffee machine using a range of beans available.
  • Worked to state food hygiene standards and maintained a clean and pleasant working environment.
Key Achievements
Upsold coffee to an average of 25% of event and club attendees.

Looking for a barista synonym? You can call yourself a coffee service professional or a coffee technician, and consider mirroring the job title for the role you’re applying for.

Be confident in your skills and experience when writing your work experience section.

Skills for a barista: Essential list

To highlight that you’re the flavor of the month, you need to add the right skills to your barista resume.

Listing every single skill isn’t going to help — when was the last time you read every single ingredient on a food package?

You want the highlights that are front and center.

Start by considering “what is a barista”?

This is a useful table with a hard and soft barista skills list that will help you prepare your resume:

Barista Soft SkillsBarista Hard Skills
Strong communication
Detail oriented
Works well under pressure
Critical thinking
Batch and manual brewing
Stock control and management
Equipment operation and maintenance
Health, safety, and hygiene knowledge
Cash register use and cash handling

This is exactly what you SHOULDN’T do to add skill to your coffee shop resume:

Key skills
Working with people, friendly and kind, worked with coffee machines before.

How is it bad?

There aren’t any specifics and you don’t show off what you’re able to do.

A better example is coming right up.

Barista skills list for an experienced barista

Key skills
  • Trained and coached 3 new team members with a probationary score average of 97%.
  • Took a Specialty Coffee Association’s Coffee Skills Program to acquire detailed coffee brewing knowledge.
  • Won Best Customer Service Skills for two years running.

What is better about this one?

The skills are there but in real situations, with numbers to give them weight. It’s a vast improvement!

Barista skills list for no experience barista

Without directly relevant skills, you can still demonstrate your passion and that you’re a quick learner on resume; here’s how:

Key skills
  • Served customers with a polite and friendly manner in a local bookstore.
  • Trained two new weekend employees on service and use of cash register and stock control.
  • Worked with a coffee machine to serve beverages during events and clubs.

Even without any direct barista experience, you can still talk about how your other work can boost your barista career.

Plus there are tangible examples of how your skills have been applied that are rooted in fact.

Put these hints and tips into practice when you’re putting together your Starbucks barista resume sample.

Cover letter for coffee shop tips

To kick off, you should know that barista cover letters should be packed with power words.

From there, complete your cover letter barista with all the reasons you’ll be great at the job.

We’ve got a good example for a barista cover letter no experience:

I’m writing to apply for the barista position at Starbucks in central Phoenix. Coffee is my life and I’m on board with the Starbucks philosophy. I’ve gained a CSP Barista Skills Foundation certification and I’m ready to take on the role you have available because I want my days filled with caffeine, foam, and fun.

In my last role, I worked in a bookstore near my university, which ignited my love for coffee as I learned to use the Breville machine to produce brews for event attendees and our regular book club. I researched and taught myself about latte art, earning a reputation in the store for beautiful creations and I’m ready to take this skill into my barista career.

I can work under pressure - with events for 50 attendees not uncommon - whilst maintaining excellent service skills and providing added knowledge for customers about bean sources and processing methods. I am food hygiene state certified and take pride in a clean and tidy workspace. Looking forward to applying and developing my knowledge and skills in your Starbucks store.

Your cover is super important.

The hiring manager will see tens if not hundreds of generic, cookie cutter resumes every week - use your cover letter to make a different impression.

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Helpful resources on how to become a barista at Starbucks

Want to get into being a barista early and need to know how old do you have to be to work at Starbucks? Need Starbucks interview tips?

We’ve gathered together this list of resources to guide you:

Good luck!

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