Budtender Sample, CV Templates for Cannabis Sales Representatives

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Budtender Resume Example & Cannabis Sales Rep CV Template


Fast Learner

Easily adapting to evolving business

environments, learning new machinery, computer systems, tools and equipment


Disciplined, punctual, reliable and respected employee

Client Oriented

Proven professional in client relations, helping customers to meet their long term needs

Team Player

Committed, collaborative and communicative member of a team







Construction Builder


Constructed wheelchair ramps

Rick Green



Hard-working, the fast learner, always smiling, super friendly.

Looking forward to enhance my knowledge of the cannabis industry, and being able to help those who seek a cleaner less toxic medical alternative



Robot Farms
Feb 2017Present


Cannabis extraction, Lab Technician, Brand Ambassador, Marketing, Warehouse Operations, Timely Order Fulfillment, Packaging, Procedure Design, Machine Diagnosis, and Repair, Cultivation, Trimming, Harvesting, Security, Product Growth and Business Expansion


City Bakery
Feb 2013Jan 2017

Prepared a variety of iced and hot caffeine drinks as well as serve hot chocolate and pastries. Other duties included opening and closing of the shop, preparing iced tea, grinding coffee and espresso beans, and managing cash register


Jun 2010Feb 2013


Taking food and drink orders, entering them in the computer for the kitchen, waiting tables, cleaning, stocking, making table charts, counting drawers, running registers, making drinks, delivering food, prepping food


Diploma in General Studies

Limestone Community High School, IL
Aug 2006May 2010

Budtender resume examples: The ins and outs

Medical cannabis and its legalization have been making headway in recent years, and it's prompting more people to become budtenders and grow the medical cannabis community.

As a proponent of medical marijuana, you might ask: what makes an ideal budtender resume?

And most importantly, how can your marijuana know-how make your passion shine?

Fret not, for all this will be explained in this article, where you will learn what to put on a resume for budtender, and how to highlight your experiences to truly make you stand out against the crowd of budding budtenders out there.

First of all: What should be on a budtender resume?

Budtenders are often misconstrued as potheads who just smoke pot every day and look for the best deals on buds, but that’s not true.

In fact, as a budtender, it is your job to be the spokesperson for medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores.

The following are elements that you should include in your budtender resume if you're looking to secure one of these marijuana dispensaries jobs:

In addition to all of this, a cover letter highlighting the main points of your CV should be attached to your budtender job resume.

Let's take a closer look at these elements.

If you find yourself asking "how much do dispensary jobs pay?", look no further! A dispensary budtender in the United States has an average annual pay of $34,179 a year, and you'll find the most well compensated budtending jobs in and around Seattle WA and Los Angeles WA, at $15 and $14 an hour respectively.

The hook: Resume objectives and summary statements

If you’re still unsure about how to get a budtender job, having a stellar resume is the answer. You should always start it with an objective or a professional summary.

Now, you might be wondering what the difference between these two terms is.

A budtender resume objective is a display of your passion for the industry if you're new to the field; it also shows your desire to work with the team you're applying to.

If you're an experienced work hand or are applying for a managerial position (which would entail a budtender manager resume), you should include a professional summary.

Here's what a budtender resume no experience would look like:

Fresh Botany Degree graduate looking to work for MedStation LLC and help it expand its reach in California. Besides holding a Budtender Basics Certification, I worked a summer internship at the Greenthumb Cannabis Company, where I weighed out and rolled marijuana products, and shadowed the manager in her dealings with customers. This involved getting to know intimately the customer's needs and prescribing the appropriate dose and types of cannabis. Being new to the industry, I am eager to learn and would love to contribute to the team at MedStation LLC.

Now that's a great statement, but what exactly makes it eye-catching?

This budtender resume description included the applicant's past work experience, and shows their drive for working in this industry.

On the other hand, you have here a well-crafted budtender resume summary:

Seasoned budtender and Cannabis Budtender Certification Holder, was employed for more than four years at various MMJ dispensaries, including the ‘Ol Reliable Marijuana Store, where I worked with over 200 strains of marijuana and had an over 80% customer retention rate. My duties included assisting customers in finding a strain of marijuana suited to their needs, and weighing and packing orders that came in. Looking now to work for MedStation LLC in expanding their business within California.

This resume for budtender summary statement presents figures that underscore their excellent work ethic.

The best way to showcase your budtender resume skills

The work of a budtender isn't just distributing marijuana to customers; The requirements to work in a dispensary might be much higher than you think.

Here are critical skills one needs to work medical dispensary jobs.

Budtender soft skillsBudtender hard skills
Knowledge of various strains of marijuana and their medical uses, and effectsHandling POS systems
Awareness of cannabis regulations specific to the stateTaking stock of inventory
Excellent customer service skillsComprehending various measurement systems
Making a good team playerBasic math skills

Don’t just write a list, elaborate upon those skills and show how they might apply in the real world.

If done right, it should look something like this budtender resume example:

Key Skills

Identified the specific needs of different customers, and tailored products for them using my extensive knowledge of over 200 strains of cannabis Worked on the Shopify, Revel, and Lightspeed POS systems Disciplined work within the regulations specified by CA MMJ laws and regulations

Do read the budtender job description and match your skills to those.

A budtender certification isn’t necessary to landing a budtender job! The skills you have and your knowledge of marijuana might be more important than the certification itself. Yet, if you want to attain one, try having a go at the Budtender Basics Certification.

Starting on a cannabis cover letter

As with any job application, budtender jobs require a cover letter with your resume.

Cover letters and resumes are not the same thing. Both, however, should underscore your knowledge of the cannabis industry and your desire to work in it.

Take a look at this sample cover letter for working at a dispensary as an example of a CA budtender resume example:

As a user of medical cannabis myself, it is a calling of mine to promote its use for pain control and relief. I'm aiming to leverage upon my own experiences and work as a budtender at MedStation LLC. I believe that, despite the stigma against marijuana use, it can truly aid people in regaining their lives once lost to illness. I hold a Cannabis Budtender Certification, and I formerly worked at the Evergreen Cannabis Company where I was assigned the duties of working with customers to ascertain their specific needs and tailor a product using my in-depth knowledge of over 200 strains of cannabis. My approval rating from customers at that job was a healthy 85%, and I’ve had many customers returning to request my services specifically. I was awarded the “Inspiring leader” title by the team and now I am keen to now contribute my skills to MedStation LLC and help those, in need.

Now this cover letter is good since it clearly shows a person’s work experience and their profound knowledge of medical marijuana use for pain control, which should read nicely to whoever is looking to hire.

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