Business Owner Resume Sample, CV Template for Entrepreneurs

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Business Owner Resume Example & Entrepreneur CV Template


Creative and motivated Executive with experience in overseeing daily business activities and improving overall business functions. Strong decision maker and excellent client relationship builder. Proven capacity to multi-task and utilize time management and conflict resolution skills to increase efficiencies. Positive attitude with proven leadership skills and the ability to develop successful team environments


CMT Stores IncBusiness Owner/Business Partner, GM, VPMay 2015Present

Oversaw all operations of a convenience store chain (4-5 stores). Managed over 60 employees and performed HR responsibilities to include working closely with Store Managers. Liable for all accounting for office, including all large account electronic transfers. Controlled all purchasing within the company (all tobacco, grocery, and food items).

  • Operated multi-million-dollar convenience store chain, increasing productivity and profits during that time, and overall sales by over 21.3% and gross profit by over 3.5%
  • Served as head Merchandiser for all stores, working closely with many companies to ensure each store was laid out and organized for maximum profit
  • Converted one store to a “lottery store”, ranking in the top 10 in the state for the Hoosier Lottery
  • Created a successful food program at 2 locations, eclipsing what was forecasted
  • Established rapport with all vendors and employees, creating a comfortable environment
  • Bought and sold many convenience stores throughout the years, taking a number of very poor stores and creating lucrative locations, resulting in large profits when a store was sold
  • Moved entire company to an automated state by utilizing a paperless process, increasing productivity and efficiency in back-office and enabling managers to have more quality time on sales floor


School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington, INBachelor of ManagementMar 2011Feb 2015

Business Owner’s Resume Tips

Have you been a private practice owner and decided to return to employment instead?

Through your self-employment history, you’ll have developed business acumen, bookkeeping skills, financial knowledge, industry expertise, the ability to market a business, and you’ll know how to take calculated risks.

When you’ve got the skills needed to be a business owner, these can easily transfer into the workforce and impress an employer.

Here, we’re going to help you learn to write a business owner resume and we’ve got some useful self-employed resume examples.

Top Tips to Write a Business Owner’s Resume Career Summary/Objective

The first step - know which one to use.

A personal summary resume statement will work when you’ve more than two years of experience, business management skills, and wins you can back up with numbers.

Need some professional summary examples?

Check this example for a resume summary:

Former owner of online child’s clothing boutique excited to return to the communications industry. Seeking an opportunity to use digital marketing skills that grew engagement by 300% and profit growth by 10% per year within a growing children’s clothing company.


You’d use a career objective when you’ve not got a lot of experience that relates to the job you’re applying for.

In this case, focus on your goals and still offer up your achievements to show your skills.

This is a great example of a career objective:

Motivated and engaged business owner looking for a sideways move to harness my digital and personal skills as well as grow into a new challenge. Developed a child’s clothing store online with social media engagement growth of 300% and an annual profit increase of 10%, seeking to work with the public and a team as a Store Manager for Women’s Boutique.

Whichever you choose for your transition from business owner to employee resume, write 3-4 sentences that show what you’ve done and what you can bring to the role.

Example of relevant and irrelevant facts in resume

Work Experience Section for a Business Owner’s Resume

You’ll have lots of questions about your work experience section, like how to say trained new employees on your resume? How to put family business on a resume?

To help, here’s our example to answer your question, as well as how to put a startup on a resume, if that applies to you.

Business Owner
January 2014 - Present
Charming Children Fashion, Seattle, WA

  • Ran and managed a successful online child’s clothing boutique, handling online marketing, sourcing stock, logistics of ordering and delivery, customer care, and hiring staff and freelancers.
  • Handled all accounting including accounts receivable and payable, payroll, and credit card settlement.
  • Increased account sizes and engagement rates by 300% per year through planned SMM strategies.
  • Worked with local college to provide business management internships for students.
  • Profits increased 10% per year in the last three years of operation

It’s not about your tasks, it’s about what you can show you achieved.

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Looking for help to write your resume work experience section? Not sure where it goes in your CV? Don’t get stressed. Here’s all you need to know and more!

How To Showcase Your Business Owner Skills on a Resume

The skills section of your business professional resume can include your business skills that can transfer into your new workplace.

  • Used social media marketing? Include that, such as automation tools like Biteable, Buzzsumo, Hootsuite, Mention, Sumo.
  • Add business management tools you used like Zoho, WorkEtc, Adios, 1CRM, or Booker
  • Want to know how to list budget experience on resume? Put down the tools you utilised such as Freshbooks, InDinero, Expensify, Floats, SosInventory
  • For your HR management, add on ZenPayroll, SpiderGroups, Zenefits, i-Sight, OpenElevator if you used them
  • Sales management platforms are also important to note, plus customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Sage, SAP, Oracle, Vanguard, Lotus Notes
  • In terms of communication and collaboration tools, list when you’ve got skills with Slack, Trello, Asana, or even Skype.

Business owner skills in resume template

Show what a great business boss you’ve been by noting your skills from your business owner job:

  • Management
  • Time management
  • Decision making
  • Business communications
  • Marketing
  • Creative thinking
  • Leadership
  • Project management

Make your skills section like this example:

  • Managed four social media platforms using Hootsuite and Buzzsumo
  • Planned and executed workflows with Trello and Slack
  • Managed finances and invoicing through InDinero
  • Delivered three change projects utilizing Zoho

And remember that soft skills as much important as hard skills in your resume.

Use the job description to understand the skills the hiring manager wants. List those skills and abilities on your resume with examples.

Education Section on a Business Owner’s Resume

On a small business owner resume, use your education to your advantage.

Make sure to include:

  • University and location
  • Degree type
  • Major
  • Awards, honors, relevant coursework, and other achievements

An example:

MBA in Management
University of Washington, Seattle WA
GPA 3.8
Cum Laude
Completed internship at Nordstrom, Seattle
Awarded Future Leadership title in Class Honors

Writing a Cover Letter for a Business Owner’s Resume

It’s a challenge to write a business owner resume when you used to call yourself the boss, CEO, or President.

Don’t let this get in your way.

Any hiring manager should be highly interested in your skills to run a business.

Grad the recruiter’s attention quickly with a great cover letter.

The HR team will quickly see the value you can add when you explain your owner job description at your last business.

Let’s look at an effective example cover letter:

I am writing to apply for the position of Store Manager at Women’s Boutique, Seattle. Owning my own clothing company, I have demonstrated my understanding of the garment industry from manufacture to customer care. My background demonstrates my success in managing people and dealing with the financial aspect of the business, increasing profits by 10% year on year. I also have strong marketing skills, increasing engagement on social media by 300% and running campaigns across four platforms.

To sum up…

Your experience as a business owner is valuable so be sure your resume shows that to your next employer, rather than how much you loved your independence.

How do you do this? Here are our tips:

  • Show off your business management skills such as accounting and stock control
  • Explain what you’ve learned as a business manager and that you can be disciplined and responsible

Good luck!

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