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Flight Attendant Resume Sample & Template

Jessica Martin

Dependable, energetic multitasker, Eager to boost the level of customer satisfaction through delivery of superb customer service and demonstration of effective safety and comfort protocols. Motivated, experienced server with excellent communication skills. Looking for a position where I can apply my skills to the success of the establishment.

Core Competencies

• Business Development • Vendor Relations • Project Management • Team Leadership

• Training & Development • Negotiation • Process Improvement • Customer Relations

• Operations Improvement • Strategic Analysis • Human Resources


GoJet Airlines - Bridgeton, MO

Flight AttendantNovember 2018Present

  • Set a high standard for consistent in-flight service that includes serving meal/beverages and selling onboard products
  • Handle situations from a wide variety of individual personalities
  • Work independently or as part of a team
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers
  • Provide leadership by responding to a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations
  • Work in climates and locations across the globe and work variable shifts

American Family Life Assurance Company - Durham, NC

Benefits CoordinatorNovember 2017March 2018

  • Offer benefits solutions to small business owners.
  • Offer peace of mind to individuals during their time of need.
  • Policyholder Service

Sterling Capital Management LLC - Raleigh, NC

Product Support SpecialistNovember 2003October 2017

  • Provided training, product knowledge, operational support and maintenance for multiple investment platforms. Served as a liaison among multiple BB&T lines of business and outside organizations providing the perfect client experience;
  • Significantly increase productivity through collaboration with management to streamline opening, closing, and fee processing processes;
  • Trained and mentored all team members to deliver superior client service and support;
  • Fostered strong relationships by providing product knowledge and client support;
  • Developed writeable PDF forms and process to more effectively manage internal and external money manager accounts reducing investment/trade oversights by 75%; these were subsequently adopted as a company standard;
  • Partnered with outside firms and custodians to streamline client onboarding reducing delay investing client funds from 3-7 days to a standard 1-2 days;
  • Collaborated with legal ensuring all contracts followed BB&T corporate guidelines;
  • Created a workflow checklist to reduce oversight risk; 80% efficiency improvement;
  • Implemented internal check deposit solution and process that increased business profits $1500 monthly and dramatically decreased client investment delays;
  • Collaborated with management to design an internal CRM database (Access) to monitor and track daily account action items; reducing oversight and increasing client satisfaction 90%.


High School Diploma2002

Flight Attendant Resume Tips for Your Air Hostess Career

Getting paid to travel the world as a flight attendant sounds perfect.

It’s the dream job of many, to be working as a flight attendant and seeing the world whilst drawing a salary.

You get lots of perks of being a flight attendant.

As well as an amazing life, there are good prospects, too.

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) says that air hosts jobs can expect a 17% job growth between 2019-29, much higher than the 4% average across the economy.

We’re going to share with you:

  • how to become a flight attendant with no experience
  • entry level flight attendant resume tips
  • flight attendant resume examples when you’re an experienced airline hosts

Plus link you to some great flight attendant blogs to get you inspired.

Is it hard to be a flight attendant?

You won’t be working office hours as a flight attendant.

You’ll work around 9 to 20 days per month, depending on the shift pattern that gets assigned.

As a trainee flight attendant, you might get fewer shifts and less desirable destinations as more senior flight attendants get priority.

It won’t take long to ascend the career ladder, and choices will quickly open up.

Want to go on adventures, take on a range of challenges, and are up for unusual working schedules? You’re all set to complete standard flight attendant duties.

When you want a guide to becoming a flight attendant, you should check out these blogs from industry insiders:

  • Flight Attendant Life is a blog of real-life stories covering the pros and cons of flight attendant jobs
  • I Love Cabin Crew flight attendant tips for interviews
  • The 24 Hours Layover comes from a flight attendant, telling about how to be an international flight attendant and building travel into your work

We get it, you really want to be a flight attendant.

The next thing you need to do is ask: what should a flight attendant resume look like?

Stow your tray table, open your window, buckle your seatbelts - we’re taking off into creating a great CV airline for your next career destination.

Aviation resume examples: resume objective vs summary

Your first task is to decide the format of your resume.

Decision made, now work through your resume sections, starting at the top.

When applying for flight attendant jobs, no experience, you need a flight attendant resume objective.

Let’s see what that might look like:

Confident, dedicated professional seeking a fresh start in the airline industry after 7 years in hospitality and customer service. 4 years as a guest relations supervisor for West Hotels saw my team earn a 98.4% annual customer satisfaction score in 2020. Holder of CPR and AED certificates. Aiming for an entry-level position as a flight attendant to harness my customer-centric attitude.

What’s good about it?

It lays out exactly why they want the job, highlights skills needed in a flight attendant, and explains their professional background.

With experience under your belt, go for a resume summary, like this:

Considerate, safety-focussed flight attendant with 4 years experience as domestic cabin crew. Skytrax surveys show the highest passenger satisfaction on the continent with 99.2%. Seeking to move into an international airline and expand my skills base with Cathay Pacific as a senior flight attendant.

Why does this one work?

It demonstrates how successful they are in their current role by highlighting their customer satisfaction score. They give professional history plus solid, performance-based facts.

To get into the VIP lane, register for free and take advantage of our aviation resume template. Save it in the file type you need and get extra perks as a registered member!

Work section: cover your flight attendant qualifications

Had a stellar Philippines Airlines career?

Right at the beginning of your flight attendant career?

Whichever fits, be sure to cover your previous flight attendant responsibilities so the hiring manager knows what you’re about.

Start by reading the flight attendant job description for the role you want.

Match the skills you have with what the airline is looking for.

From there, build out your work experience section.

Have a look at this one? What do you think? Spoiler - it ain’t great!

Flight Attendant
January 2016 - December 2020
Jet Blue Airlines, Long Island, NY
  • Greeted customers
  • Help look after the first-class cabin
  • Enjoy providing customer service
  • Told the crew the pilot’s messages

Yes, it says what the candidate did, but not very well.

Here’s an improved rewrite:

Senior Flight Attendant
January 2016 - December 2020
Jet Blue Airlines, Long Island, NY
  • Mentored and supervised junior cabin crew in flight.
  • Worked with first-class passengers to ensure comfort and satisfaction, advising on menu and entertainment choices.
  • Communicated details between flight deck and cabin to crew and passengers to ensure safety.
  • Assured passenger safety following industry best practice and protocols.
Key Achievement
Suggested more efficient boarding process, reducing tarmac delays by 14%

Better, right?

In the positive example, you see detailed duties with outcomes and a solid achievement to show they go over and above their role.

Do this when writing a good entry-level resume, too.

This is a good example of a flight attendant resume for some when just out of college:

Front of house supervisor
January 2019 - December 2020
Seafront Restaurant, Long Island, NY
  • Managed front of house with up to 120 covers per shift in a busy, tourist-focused restaurant.
  • Excelled in customer service, working with large bookings and events to create the desired atmosphere.
Key Achievement
Received customer feedback surveys above 96% monthly for 18 months

You might think a restaurant supervisor doesn’t really connect with being a flight attendant, except maybe working with the public.

There are things that are common between the roles, and we purposely highlighted those, like customer satisfaction and working under pressure.

Good flight? Smooth journey? Relaxed arrival? An aeronautical success story? Avoid the cliche of buzzwords that are generic, and use strong and active power words to stand out to recruiters.

Top flight attendant resume skills and how to list them

Flight attendant terminology can be a little specific.

To help push through the jargon, here are some skills needed to be a flight attendant.

You definitely should have a skills section, but choose the ones you include wisely.

Don’t overdo it, but don’t skimp either.

Think about how meal service on a long-haul flight works.

We’ll first look at a list of economy-class, generic skills that can work on resumes for flight attendants.

Hard skills for flight attendantSoft skills for flight attendant
CPR & First AidCustomer service
Plane evacuation protocolsCommunications, Flexibility
Understanding principles and methods of transportationTeamwork
Experience with flight simulation softwareDiplomacy and tact
Counter-terrorism measuresAdaptability during delays
Intercom operationEmotional resilience during emergencies

Now we move up to business class, with bespoke details of how to list flight attendant resume skills:

Key Skills
  • Supported 27 new flight attendants through probation, offering customer service training to lift their quality scores by 3%.
  • Adept at operating mechanical and safety equipment within industry standards and regulations.
  • Certified to inspect cabins of Boeing models ranging from 707-787
  • First Aid and CPR certified plus AE training
  • Fully bilingual in Spanish and English, conversational in Japanese
Key Achievement
Received customer feedback surveys above 96% monthly for 18 months
Thinking about how to list CPR and first aid on your resume? If you’ve only got these certificates, add them to your skills sections. Got a range of certifications? Add a Certificates and qualifications section to your resume.

Flight attendant cover letter sample

It’s time to consider your cover letter for an airline job to include with your resume submission.

Do your resume first; it’ll make writing a cover letter based on that information easier.

Bear in mind, too, the main differences between a resume and a CV.

Let’s embark on an example of a great cover letter:

I am writing to apply for the position of a lead flight attendant with Cathay Pacific. My industry experience spans 4 years as a domestic crew with Jet Blue preceded by 7 years in hospitality. Each flight, I aim to create the perfect journey for passengers, whatever their travel purpose.

My accumulated flight hours at Jet Blue totaled 3,500 per year on domestic routes. All my certifications are up to date, including First Aid, CPR, AED, CPI de-escalation training, and FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency. On top of my hands-on experience, I’ve supported 27 freshman attendants through their probation including service and safety coaching. My flights have received satisfaction ratings over 98%, higher than the company average of 96.2%.

I am keen to expand my horizons and move into international flying as a lead flight attendant.

A recruiter will sit up and pay attention to this cover letter because it details solid experience, facts, and skills that are industry-relevant.

Ready to submit a first-class application for your next long-haul job? Our flight attendant resume examples will help you apply for a flight attendant job and land it without an issue.
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