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Junior Frontend Developer Resume Example & Template
Jason Stull
Junior Frontend Developer

I'm an enthusiastic and detail-oriented Frontend Software Engineer seeking an entry-level position with Company to use my skills in coding, troubleshooting complex problems, and assisting in the timely completion of projects.




Angular + NGRX










University of Texas - Dallas, TX
August 2017Present

B.s. in Information Technology

CUNY Queens College - Flushing, NY
July 2010May 2014




Frontend Developer Intern

September 2019New York, NY
Accomplished the development of the company's German website, using Angular, Typescript, NGRX and ngx-translate.
Automated system deployment with Docker, Nginx on Amazon Cloud.

Frontend Engineer Intern

German Association for Sciense and Technology USA
June 2019August 2019Manhattan, NY
  • Cut the company's site web loading time by 40% by optimizing the SPA bundle size, leading to better user experience.
  • Expanded reach of the website by building RESTful API to support user replies and notifications.

Academic Projects

Job Searching Web Service, MEAN Stack
July 2018October 2018
Implemented the Job Searching Web Service with NodeJS, MongoDB, Angular 5, NGRX and Bootstrap. Integrated the user authentication with Github Oauth2 apps to support third-party accounts login.
TensorFlow based Image Recognition and Translation System
February 2018June 2018
  • Developed the system with NodeJS, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn for image-to-image translation. Preprocessed the images with scikit-learn to generate training data, used Numpy, Scipy for data processing.
  • Implemented a conditional GAN with TensorFlow and trained with GPU on Google Cloud Platform, achieved 99% test accuracy.

A comprehensive guide to crafting a junior frontend developer resume

You’ve probably wondered, what exactly goes into writing a good web developer resume?

This guide will teach you a number of things:

  • How to write a junior level developer profile resume
  • The basic elements that make a good CV
  • The powerful web developer resume examples
  • Other tips and tricks that can help improve your CV

Let’s get started…

Website developer resume objective – an example

If you’ve been in the market for web developer jobs, you’ve probably felt frustrated about not knowing how to begin your application.

For example’s sake, let’s say you’re new to the industry and have only just begun picking up the basics of JavaScript. If so, it may be best for you to use a resume objective.

A good resume objective will help you show your prospective employer how dedicated you are to coding, as well as what you hope to achieve as part of the company.

In addition, it can highlight any experience you’ve had using other programming languages.

A negative example might say something like:

I recently completed my undergraduate studies in computer science and I believe I would be a good addition to any web development team. I’m looking for a job in any company looking to hire a front-end developer.

Why is this a bad example?

Not only it fails to showcase the individual’s technical knowledge, but it also doesn’t tell prospective employers how the individual can benefit the company.

Instead, when writing entry level web developer resume, try something like this:

A recent graduate in Computer Science from the University of Washington seeking to apply for a position as a front-end developer at Awesome Games. Recently attained an AcadGild Full-Stack Web Development Training Certification and collaborated with a small business in the Seattle, Washington area, helping them build an online presence and increasing web traffic from under 100 to more than 60,000 unique visitors in slightly over a year. Looking forward to using my technical knowledge to help grow your company and improve its online presence.

What exactly makes this a better objective?

It highlights the applicant’s abilities and it’s specifically written for the company the individual is seeking a job at. Finally, it demonstrates their keenness to be a part of the team.

Still doubting about what should a junior web developer resume look like? We’ve got you covered. Our resume templates will help you craft a stunning resume in a matter of minutes. Sign up now to receive a stellar CV in PDF or DOCX format tailed just for you.

What makes an eye-catching frontend developer resume summary statement

If you’ve been in the industry for over 2 years, make sure you start your resume with a summary statement.

Having a solid start to your website developer resume will help you reemphasize to the recruiter any relevant technical knowledge and accomplishments you might have.

For a moment, just put yourself in the shoes of a prospective employer and take a look at this example of a summary statement:

I have some experience in creating web pages using my knowledge of Javascript and have built some nice websites for clients over the years. I have also used HTML to develop software in the companies that I worked for.

Did you think it was bad? Well, you’d certainly be right!

This example has multiple failings, from being way too generally written to neglecting to provide concrete examples of how the technical knowledge was used by the applicant.

Now, while this individual might be an exceptional developer, in reality, this summary statement certainly does not show it.

A better example of a front end web developer resume summary statement might read like this instead:

I am a self-driven front-end developer and have been in the industry for more than 2 years. I have a keen eye for detail and most of my working life has been dedicated to creating stunning websites for clients. In addition, I have also received an AcadGild Full-Stack Web Development Training Certification in 2019. I used my knowledge of JavaScript to spearhead the development of the Ideable mobile application for my previous company, which improved the mobile user experience and increased customer retention on mobile devices by over 50%.

How did this example end up sounding so much better than the previous one?

Well, that’s because this frontend developer resume summary statement highlighted the individual’s skills and knowledge, and substantiated it all with proper accreditation and a strong track record.

This is the kind of resume which will catch a prospective employer’s eye and get them hooked to keep reading, and that’s what we’re going for.

Not sure if you should use a basic resume format? Use our resume format guide to find a resume that caters best to your needs.

Making the experience section of your junior developer resume stand out

The Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted that the number of web developers in the United States will rise by 15% from 2016 to 2026.

That means that you’re going to be fighting with more people for a slice of the pie.

Thus, to clinch your dream junior web developer jobs and come across to recruiters as an attractive candidate, you’ll need to highlight your background in the industry in the most palatable manner.

An example that you absolutely should not emulate might look something like this:

Front End Web Developer
March 2018–October 2020
Seattle Times, Seattle, WA

Programmed in HTML and JavaScript
Updated the mobile app to include new features
Solved technical issues and bugs with the company’s website

Why exactly is this a bad example?

That’s because the job scope here is too general and lacks the depth needed to highlight the positive contributions that the individual may have had.

A junior frontend developer resume example you’d be better off following might look something like this instead:

Front End Developer
April 2018–September 2020
Washington Digital Holdings, Seattle, WA

Developed a website’s layout using HTML and JavaScript and completed the project in slightly under 4 months
Envisioned a revolutionary new strategy using UX and UI techniques to improve the mobile user experience from scratch in 2 months
Used A/B testing to identify potential website improvements, as a result, implemented new features that boosted organic web traffic by over 25%

Key Achievement
Revamped the mobile user experience, increasing customer retention on mobile platforms by over 50%

Do you see what we did there?

The job scope is substantiated with data and real-life achievements and there’s a whole lot more depth to the second example, which draws the attention of the reader.

But if you’re a fresh-faced graduate looking for a job as an entry-level front-end developer?

Even so, you probably still have something you can talk about.

Built a small blog for your school’s IT club? Wrote some code for a small non-profit?

Feel free to include any experience you might have had from personal or school activities, community service, or internships and include these in your resume.

For example:

Programming Intern
April 2020–May 2020
Codify Inc, Seattle, WA
Key Qualifications & Responsibilities
Updated JavaScript elements on the company’s website
Suggested improvements to the interface to enhance the user experience Worked with a team on the front end design changes which boosted organic web traffic by 10%

Key Achievement
Designed and added a new feature to the website’s checkout page that reduced the bounce rate by 15%

No matter how small your background may seem, it is always good to include in your resume all the relevant experience you may have.

It will highlight your skills and abilities to a prospective employer.

Do you have an extensive portfolio of projects and websites which you’d like to showcase to a recruiter? If that’s the case, it might be worth creating a website to highlight your junior web developer portfolio and to show a prospective employer that you have what it takes to be a part of their team.

Writing a stunning front end web developer resume skill section

Finished Code Camp but still not sure of how to write an awesome junior developer resume code camp?

Wondering: "How to put a junior web developer on a resume?" This is where a skills section comes in handy.

Here’s a bad example of one:



While that certainly provides a list of programming languages you know, it doesn’t highlight your experience with using them. You need to show your technical skills.

Instead, here’s a more appealing way to highlight your front end developer skills:

Key Skills

Designed and created 2 websites using HTML and CSS
Upgraded code and design of existing websites with JavaScript
Improved mobile user experience using UX/UI tools resulting in a more than 50% increase in customer retention on mobile platforms

If you want your resume’s skills section to impress the recruiter - highlight your experience in using the skills and present a solid track record.

Penning the perfect cover letter: web developer resume template

Now that your resume is complete, all you have left to do is to condense all of the information into a short and sweet cover letter.

Regardless of whether you’ve got an entry level IT resume to showcase, or you've spent more than half a decade working in the industry, it all boils down to this: highlight your technical knowledge to the human resources executive and make sure that you’ve got a track record to validate your claims.

This is a good example of how you can do it:

A web developer with over 2 years of experience in the industry seeking a position at Awesome Games as a front-end web developer. I believe that my technical skills and knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS will render me a valuable addition to your web development team. I’m passionate about developing interactive websites and web features to drive up online traffic and sales, bringing the company to greater heights. During my stint at my previous company, I led a team on a complete rework of the mobile interface, helping the company increase customer retention on mobile platforms by more than 50% and reducing the bounce rate by 15%. I am also an avid gamer and I believe my familiarity with the industry would be greatly advantageous to my work at the company.

Not only does this cover letter present the individual’s greatest accomplishments, but it also highlights their commitment to the success of the company they are applying to.

This makes for a superb cover letter!

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