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Teacher Resume Example & How to Write a Teacher CV

Kim Penfold


Adaptable professional with 7+ years of experience and a proven knowledge of curriculum development, adaptive teaching methods, classroom management, education administration, student assessment, and lectures. Aiming to leverage my skills to successfully fill the School Teacher role.



Clarity, Listening, Interpersonal, Collaboration, Parent Communications, Relationship Building


Creating Assignments, Creating Exams, Creating a Positive Learning EnvironmentDelivery of Material, Developing Lesson PlansManaging Student Behavior, Special Education, CPR


Microsoft Office, Google Suite


Teaching License

May 2015 to May 2020

Child CPR AED & Infant CPR Certified

February 2019 to February 2021


Lead Teacher

Greenfield Graded School District
January 2018Present
 Greenfield, IN
  • Collaborated with colleagues on “Multi-Tiered Support System” team to develop a School-Wide Improvement Plan
  • Created and implemented a curriculum that increases student proficiency on EOG test


Greenfield Community School Corp
July 2013December 2018
 Greenfield, IN
  • Successfully update and track student data to provide 100+ students with individualized feedback in a timely manner;
  • Research best practices in the education field to plan and instruct students with varying needs;
  • Effectively utilize Google Suite (Docs, Forms, slides, sheets, and calendars) and other computer software to create meaningful lesson plans;
  • Point-of-contact for math department and special education teachers to present curriculum in a way that is fun and relevant to students;
  • Respond to phone calls and emails within 24 hours of contact;
  • Follow the education plans of individual students in a discrete manner;
  • Set learning goals and objectives for each unit of study and implement a plan of action;
  • Proficient in building relationships with students to foster a goal of lifelong learning;
  • Knowledgeable in mentoring and de-escalating student to student conflicts;


Cabarrus County Schools - Greenfield, IN
November 2011May 2013
Greenfield, IN
  • Collaborated with colleagues and administration as part of the School Improvement Team
  • Developed a school-wide technology plan with school leadership
  • Created and implemented a curriculum that increased student proficiency on NCFE
  • Created systems for effective communication with parents and students
  • Planned, organized, and lead a field trip of about 200 students, teachers, and volunteers
  • Supervised planning and implementation of grade-level curriculum as science department lead
  • Managed a team of teachers in creating an EOG motivational video;


Bachelor of Education in Teachers Education

Franklin College - Franklin, IN
May 2014

Teacher’s Resume Tips

Teachers change the world with their work. It’s a challenging and rewarding career, but you need to be qualified to get started.

Having a great resume is key to unlocking a world of possible teaching jobs.

Are you looking to write an impressive resume?

Looking for teacher CV examples?

You’re in the right place.

We’ll go through how to write a teacher resume and even give you some helpful teacher resume examples.

Tips to Write a Teacher’s Resume Career Summary/Objective

Remember how you tell your students how important the opening line of an essay is?

The introduction to your teacher resume is equally important.

The first sentence in a resume is the heading statement, and can be written as a resume summary or objective.

Are you a veteran teacher who knows their curriculum back to front?

You’ll need a career resume summary to explain your years of experience, classroom prowess, personal development, and add some stats on your wins, too.

Here’s an example of what a good teacher’s resume summary looks like:

A pupil-focussed high school teacher with six years classroom experience with grades 11-12. Certified in California with a Single Subject Teaching Credential in English. Improved graduation rates by 23% over three years. Aiming to be the lead English teacher at Neil Armstrong High School.

There are plenty of teachers just starting out who don’t have experience to talk about.

Career objectives are a way of showing commitment to the role by talking about what you expect to achieve teaching.

Check out a good example of an objective on a resume for teachers:

Motivated and engaging high school teacher with one year as a substitute covering grades 10-11. Completed Single Subject Teaching Credential for California and ready to develop relationships with students long-term. Subbed for a semester at Hills High School, Orange County with 90 classroom days accrued. Focused on improving outcomes and increasing college applications at Neil Armstrong High School.

A great opener on your resume needs to be to-the-point; targeted at the school you’re applying to, and have one fact, minimum. Refer back to the sample objective on resume and our teachers’ summary examples when writing your own.

Work Experience Section for a Teacher’s Resume

A relevant, detailed, and tailored work experience section is your goal, being sure you add accomplishments backed by facts — you want to make the assistant principle beam with joy.

Here’s a poor example of an experienced teacher’s resume:

English Teacher, High School
September 2017–July 2020
Brown County High School, CA

Key Responsibilities

Ran lessons about English grammar.
Taught about English composition.
Discussed in detail American post-war literature.

What’s wrong here?

This teacher hasn’t given any proof of what they can do and you come away knowing nothing about what they’re capable of or passionate about.

Here’s the type of thing you should write for a good work experience section:

High School English Teacher
September 2017–July 2020
Brown County High School, CA

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities:
  • Planned and executed engaging lessons for general and AP-level English grammar.
  • Developed a new methodology for teaching English composition, focused on personal narrative and effective rhetoric.
  • Delivered accurate and timely monthly and yearly account reconciliation reports.
  • Engaged students with in-depth discussion on post-war American literature, using popular culture and current affairs to drive interest.
Key Achievements:
Increased graduation rates 23% over three years with 11% more students applying for college.

Here, you’re getting details about what the teacher has actually done, with numbers to back up their claims.

Whether you’re writing a new teacher resume or a student-teacher resume, be sure to add subjects you’re qualified in and show any relevant volunteering you’ve done. Always give any facts you have at hand!

How To Showcase Your Teacher Skills on a Resume

When you’re about to write your teaching resume skills section you now need to know how to add these teaching skills. Be sure you include ones that are specific to the job you’re going for.

Check out this example that includes some of the most important skills needed to be a teacher:

  • Planning targeted lessons
  • Facilitating extra-curricular activities
  • Managing and engaging a vibrant classroom
  • Grading assignments; giving actionable feedback
  • Excellent communication

When you’re switching careers into teaching, add your teacher transferable skills on a resume. Consider adding your leadership skills, use of your degree skills in your daily work, and critical thinking.

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Best Certifications, Licences, and Free Courses for a Teacher

Each state has its own requirements to be a teacher and additional qualifications you need. There are national exams that lots of states will accept, like PRAXIS or NES.

Show you’re serious about your job by adding teachers’ organizations or academic groupings at the bottom of your resume.

Some examples you can look to join include:

Here’s a couple of free resources that’ll help your knowledge and career development as a teacher:

  • FutureLearn — explore their teaching section, where you can find courses about how to become a better teacher, prevent and manage infections in childcare, talk to young people about their mental health, and more.
  • EdX — their education and teacher training courses include ones about classroom strategies for inquiry-based learning, pivoting to online teaching, understanding classroom interaction, and more.

How to Present Your Education and Qualifications for a Teacher

Nearly all teaching roles, from pre-Kindergarten up to high school, will need at least a bachelor’s, and sometimes even a master’s.

It’s not every role — as a substitute you may only need to have graduated high school.

However far your education went, you need to make sure it looks right on your teacher’s resume.

Want a good example showing your education on a resume? Here you go:

Resume example how to list teacher certification and education

Want to know how to list teacher certifications on resume?

Simply pop them under your education section.

For an entry-level teacher resume, focus on your academic record. Compensate for your lack of experience by highlighting your relevant coursework, minors, academic awards, your GPA if it’s more than 3.5, extra-curricular activities, and semesters abroad.

Writing a Cover Letter for a Teacher’s Resume

A cover letter is a handy way to show you’re enthusiastic about the school you’re applying to and it’s useful to explain any gaps in your employment history, too.

Looking for tips on how to write a letter of introduction for a teaching job?

Our example of a cover letter looks like this:

I am writing to apply for the role of High School English Teacher in your school district. Whilst studying for my bachelor’s in English and Linguistics, I participated in a high school support program, tutoring students to improve their grades to be able to graduate. After graduation, I worked as a substitute at Hills High School, accruing 90 teaching days through a semester. My last role saw the graduation rates of my students increase by 23% and 11% more of my students applied to college. I am innovative and engaging in the classroom and will enthuse your grade 11 and 12 students immediately.

That paragraph talks about the specific role being applied for, gives facts and figures to prove their claims, and is filled with positivity for teaching and students.

Don’t forget, a stand-out cover letter that complements your resume will make you more memorable than other candidates.

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Teacher’s Job Outlook: Useful Statistics

The picture for teaching jobs across the US in the next decade depends on what you want to teach and where you’re looking to be.

BLS have compiled some useful statistics:

Job titleEmployment growth from 2019 to 2029Medial annual wage in 2019
Elementary school teachers4%$59,670
Middle school teachers4%$59,660
High school teachers4%$61,660
Postsecondary Teachers9%$79,540
Special education teachers3%$61,030

You can expect to see the most growth post-secondary, whilst special education teachers won’t see much growth in prospects.

Wrapping Up

Here’s the potted guide to writing a successful teacher’s resume.

First off, new teachers need to write a career object, whilst experienced teachers should be using a career summary.

Give details about your work history and responsibilities as a teacher; include a numbered fact on your experienced teacher resume to give weight to your claims.

Include your academic achievements and add your courseworks and any honors, particularly for on new teacher resumes.

Add your teacher skills that are relevant, being sure to target your teacher resume skills list to the job description.

Inject some flare into your resume with extra sections that pack a punch, like teacher awards, extra certifications, additional languages, and volunteer experience.

Last of all, be sure you include a teacher cover letter when you ping the email over to the principal!

Good luck!

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