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How to choose the best resume template?

Whether it is a higher rate of pay, furthering your career, or obtaining skills and experience, a new job can open up a world of better opportunities for you. But, without an outstanding resume, you might find that you are overlooked in today's increasingly competitive job market. That's why SweetCV is committed to helping you write the best professional resume, one that showcases your strengths properly. We provide the right resources to quickly and easily assist you in landing the job interview you want.

It can be tricky to choose the perfect resume template, the number of options available to search through on the Internet can be overwhelming. But don't panic! By following a few simple rules you can narrow them down to the best resume templates that best fit the job position and your skill level. Then the choice is yours. The important thing to remember is that there is nothing wrong with showing off your personality in a professional manner. This is what truly makes you stand out against the rest as a unique and interesting candidate.

Finding a job can be a stressful process. So SweetCV has made it our mission — to simplify this process as much as possible. We only select the best resume templates and we provide a seamless, user-friendly online resume builder alongside quick online CV creation and thorough employment guides. All you need to do is register and you will instantly be able to create your professional resume that recruiters will like! Each of our templates is fully customizable and can be downloaded in a PDF format.

Can it really be so simple, you ask? Of course! Start with one of our online resume and CV templates. Then follow our tips below that have been designed to help you choose the professional resume template. With our advice, you should get an idyllic CV that will help you to get not just any job, but that dream position to open new doors and propel you into a brilliant career path. It has never been easier, so let's go!

TOP 10 tips for choosing a resume template

Sadly, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sample of a good resume that suits everyone’s needs - if there was then our website would be much, much smaller. The fact is that a variety of effective resume templates are required in order to reflect the uniqueness of each candidate. Hiring managers don't want to see the same layout and read the same spiel 100 times in a row, so no matter how effective a resume template is, once again variety is an important consideration. With that in mind, it is easy to see why your average generic resume that other job search sites provide gets lost in a sea of candidates. In amongst thousands of similar applications, you need to stand out somehow. With a wealth of different samples of professional resumes, we can help you to do exactly that.

So, what exactly are the best tips to follow when choosing a template for a resume?

  1. 1.Understand the standard of expectation within your chosen industry. If it is common practice to present yourself more conservatively in a specific field, you should not add unnecessary graphic elements to your resume. Job resume creation should fit the style of the field.
  2. 2.Do a little research and get acquainted with the tone of your company. Is it a young company or a large corporation? Each resume sample needs to be relevant to the company and in an appropriate tone.
  3. 3.Decide on how you want to present yourself to the company. As in the previous paragraph, you need to understand who your future employer is and think about how your CV creates a ‘first impression’. How do you want to be seen as a future employee? Think about it and try to analyze the job description to create a strong resume that demonstrates why you fit the bill.
  4. 4.Consider which sections are most important to your career. These are the job skills you need to focus on and draw attention to in your CV. With the key areas in mind, choose a template for a resume that noticeably highlights these capabilities better.
  5. 5.Think about your layout. Which section is going to need the most information? Ensure you choose a style with enough space in the template. Maybe a template with several columns will be more suitable?
  6. 6.Evaluate the design and appeal of the template. Ask yourself is it "my perfect resume"? Try experimenting with fonts, because they can dramatically transform a document, some with a more professional final look than others.
  7. 7.Keep all icons, backgrounds, and colors of each resume template that you have chosen appropriately styled for the chosen industry.
  8. 8.Ensure that you have adequate space to add a photo, logo, or any other resume pics, where required.
  9. 9.Evaluate the most important sections, consider how presentable they are, and make sure they meet your needs.
  10. 10.Always experiment with a few different resume templates for jobs and don't neglect your personal style! Your resumes and templates can be changed with a simple click when you are using the SweetCV constructor.

Remember that it's important to evaluate your level of professionalism in a particular field and what the company is looking for. Highlighting your experiences and abilities as well as what makes you unique is the secret to an outstanding resume. In some cases, color or nice photography may help sell yourself. In others, a minimalistic approach is required, a well-written, concise, and to-the-point resume without any unnecessary items. So you see, knowing enough about your employer is key to being seen as the best candidate. The above tips are a great guideline, but, ultimately the decision is yours.

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Frequently asked questions about resumes and templates

  • Where can I edit your resume templates?
    After you sign up you can pick and edit online any of the resume templates from a SweetCV resume builder tool and download it as a PDF.
  • How can I make a resume?
    The easiest way to create a resume is to use a template in the online resume maker tool and that's exactly what we offer. No need to search "how to make a resume on google docs or Word" or spend hours on formatting the document anymore. With SweetCV, a professional resume editor, you can create a perfect resume in less than 10 minutes! Choose one of the templates: a simple, modern, or creative one, opt for a resume format, fill in your information, and send a resume to your prospective employer. As simple as that!
  • I want to download a word resume template or a blank resume form, can I do it?
    Each resume template we offer can be downloaded in PDF format immediately after registration, and in DOCX if you're a Pro user. Better yet, our service doesn’t require any additional tools or software for editing. Just use your internet browser, sign up and take advantage of our powerful resume builder to get a job-offer easier.
  • I prefer Word resume templates (.docx), how are your CV templates better?
    First, our templates are much faster and easier to fill, edit, change style, and design. Secondly, you don't have to deal with .doc or .docx files, because you can create many variations of your resume and edit them online, even from your mobile. However, if you prefer our Pro plan allows you to download a resume in .docx format for those templates that support it.
  • Do you have a professional resume example? I don't even know where to start.
    Upon creation of your first resume in our powerful resume editor, you will find the most important blocks have automatic tips to give you advice for filling the section. In addition, you can refer to our collection of resume examples that are available for different professions, and edit any sample resume with ease.