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Зразок резюме Lead Java Developer

Vladyslav Baidak

Lead Backend Engineer with 8+ years of experience

Skilled Java Developer with proven expertise in delivering large-scale software products. An impeccable knowledge and skills of creating distributed, robust and scalable server-side applications.  Experienced in the use of CQRS, Event Sourcing, Domain-Driven Design for real-world high-loaded projects. Always focused on goals and delivering success to rapidly evolving and dynamic environments.


Tech Stack

Java, Kotlin, Scala, Spring, Java EE, AxonFramework, Hibernate, Kafka, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes


  • SQL: Oracle 12c, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, DB2
  • NoSQL: MongoDB

Environment & Tools

Windows, Centos, Debian, Alpine, IntelliJ IDEA, Ant, Maven, Gradle, TeamCity, Jenkins


Scalified LLC

Lead Backend EngineerSep, 2016Present

  • Planned and implemented the migration of company products into a microservices architecture
  • Designed and implemented a high-performance Logstash and Elasticsearch monitoring system, which processed over 3000 metric events per second
  • Configured and maintained fully automated continuous delivery processes within the company
  • Established and managed a strong, motivated and result-focused backend team

EPAM Systems, Barclays Investment Bank

Senior Software EngineerMar, 2013Aug, 2016

  • Implemented various server-side banking applications, which involved the processing of over 1000 transactions per second
  • Effectively mentored and helped team members in the domain of distributed transactions, SAGA pattern, microservices orchestration approaches, etc.
  • Developed and enhanced monitoring, statistics collection and logging system


Software EngineerFeb, 2010June, 2013

  • Effectively used knowledge in the Big Data area to implement highly performant and reliable Social Media crawler system
  • Designed, implemented and delivered Facebook & Twitter API adapters into the existing system
  • Improved and optimized existing crawler modules that increased processing capacity to 1000+ posts per second



  • IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software
  • CCNA Exploration Network Fundamentals
  • LAN Switching and Wireless
  • CCNA Exploration Routing Protocols and Concepts
  • CCNA Exploration Accessing the WAN


EnglishUpper intermediate