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Amanda Taylor

Personable tech support representative with 4+ years of experience analyzing issues with drone hardware and software. Achieved company-hight retention rate of 99.32% Seeking to ignite career with the team at Inter Drones.


Silver Robotics

Tier 2 Tech Support SpecialistJan 2011Dec 2016

Key Responsibilities

  • Mentored a fast-paced team of 12+ technical support specialists.

Key Achievements

  • Achieved company-high customer retention rate of 99.32%
  • Quickly promoted from Tier 1 to the Tier 2 team due to extensive knowledge of help desk ticketing system and help desk software.

Boston Logistics

Secretarial AssistantJan 2010Dec 2010

Key Responsibilities

  • Managed and delegated phone and online tickets for clients.
  • Encouraged and influenced potential clients on company portfolio decisions, cutting down on false leads.
  • Instituted customer promotional survey to access brand demand, which soon became adopted company-wide.

Key Achievements

  • Implemented storage solution leading to 17% cost reduction.


Columbia School of Journalism

New York, NYSep 2017Now

  • Majoring in Investigative Journalism
  • Expected Graduation in 2020


The Max Weber Award

Columbia School of Journalism2018

Richard Elson Award for English

City of Port Moody2014